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Format: CD Album

Not Your Muse is the debut album from BRIT Award winner Celeste, out on 29 January 2021.

Mint Pack

16-page booklet


1. Ideal Woman

2. Strange

3. Tonight Tonight

4. Stop This Flame

5. Tell Me Something I Don't Know

6. Not Your Muse

7. Beloved

8. Love is Back

9. A Kiss

10. The Promise

11. A Little Love

12. Some Goodbyes Come with Hellos

13. Father’s Son

14. Lately

15. Both Sides Of The Moon

16. Strange

17. Unseen (Lauren Auder ft. Celeste)

18. In The Summer Of My Life

19. It’s All Right (Jon Batiste ft. Celeste)

20. Hear My Voice

21. I’m Here